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Igor Roshchin is a photographer who likes photographing nature, landscapes, city views, dance events, macro shots, candid portraits... His portfolio includes weddings, concerts, festivals, social events, dance performances etc. (This website shows just some galleries. It is not a full portfolio.)

Igor's photographs are enjoyed in private collections in Europe, Asia, and North America. His photos have been used by artists, musicians, and journalists for various art-work, CD-art, posters, and as illustrations in non-commercial media. Despite invitations, he has not published his work in photo-magazines, making excuses of being busy at work. Scientist by insipiration and trade, he prefers to keep photography as a hobby, allowing just a limited number of gigs, withstanding attempts of others to sway him into full-time photography.

Since being impressed by the ergonomics of Pentax ZX-5n camera in 1997, he has been using various Pentax photo-gear, but he also owns and uses cameras of other brands.

If you are interested in any of the photographs presented on this website or elsewhere, or have other photography-related questions or proposals, read this brief guide or contact Igor at " 42graphy {at} nospam 42graphy dot org". (Please, remove "nospam".)

If you are interested in a workshop or private class, contact Igor at " class {at} nospam 42graphy dot org". (Please, remove "nospam".)

Several of Igor Roshchin's photos are in the published books:

List of some public events:

  • Fall 2010 - Fall 2012 - Workshops-slideshows:
    "Dancers and Photographs" (short and long flyers)
    Interested parties, may contact for a workshop at your event/place.

Past events:

If you like any of Igor's photos, do not hesitate to send him a nice e-mail: he would be glad to hear from you.


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